Yeah! Wexit is made from pure spring water and the spray is completely bacteriologically safe, making Wexit 100% safe on food and beverages and even on your skin and clothing.

Wexit repels wasps in a totally respectful way with the environment and with animals. The wasp does not die, as it happens with other products (insecticides). Wexit safely drives away wasps until they reach their nest!

Spraying once is enough to drive the wasp away. Wexit makes the wasp fly directly to their nest and will remain there for a long time.

Wexit can be used hundreds of times before the spray is empty. To drive away the wasp, spraying once is enough.

Wexit works best from 40 to 50 centimeters. Spray Wexit gently on the wasp and it will fly away in no time.

No, the plant sprayer drops are usually too big so the wasp becomes aggressive and too heavy due to the large size of the drops. Furthermore, no plant spray can be guaranteed to be bacteriologically safe.

The duration of Wexit is for two wasp seasons. It can be easily stored at room temperature.

When a wasp feels Wexit’s ultra-fine water droplets, it immediately returns to its nest. For them, the fine drops announce that rain is coming. And the wasp cannot fly in the rain. Once it reaches the nest, it releases the moisture giving it to its larvae or uses it to strengthen the nest.

The wasp remains in the nest until it dries up. This usually takes one to two hours.

Wexit is for sale at most drugstores, supermarkets, garden centers, hardware stores, and pharmacies. And you can also order online here..

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Wexit is made just to repel wasps. Other insects may not be sensitive to the spray./p>

Yes, Wexit is the world’s first animal-friendly wasp repeller. Both the name and the unique formula are patented worldwide. More information? Contact Us..