Animal and nature friendly

Spring water based
wasp repellent

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Unique new Dutch invention (Wexit: patent pending by Burki Innovations Ltd.)

Discovery made by serendipity worldwide patent ( PCT)pending

This year, the Wexit will already be launched in the Netherlands

SPRAY (1x)




” 🐝 To be sure tips 🐝

Is it really a Wasp you want to repel? 🐝 (Not a Bee ?)
Do I take enough Spraying distance? (Keep 30-40 cm distance – Don’t chase the Wasp from close by 🐝 !!
Do I spray too much?? (When spraying too much the Wasp gets to heavy and stays on the ground as it can not fly! Only spray for 1-2 seconds !)🐝
Did I spray a second time too fast? (when the first time did not work wait for 1-2 minutes! 🐝 ) don’t spray 2 times right away !!
Do I stay calm? 🐝 Always stay calm and cool 🐝 try to spray a small cloud where the Wasp flies into!
Try to spray to the Wasp from the side! Not from above 🐝 ( this gives the Wasp a better chance to fly away !

Surprising method

Its a New unique Dutch invention, this method for Repelling wasps, also because it’s safe for the environment and animal friendly offers everyone the opportunity to repel wasps by aerosolizing them in a environmental and animal friendly way. A wasp is not able to fly well when wet. However, if she is nebulized with aerosolised springwater spray, she will return to her safe nest almost immediately. When the wasp has returned to her nest, she will feed the water to the larvae or she will use it to strengthen the nest. Our product can be used safely on food or the human skin to easily repel wasps.